Quality Management

Quality Policy

  • Quality Management System
  • Customized software for Quality Management
  • Hands on approach to leadership
  • Induction of all team members with our corporate policies
  • Automation and documentation of work flow
  • Reduction of defects through process automation
  • Independent, impartial and a professional approach to verification
  • Customer focus through a problem solving approach
  • Investment in ongoing research, skills, training and self development
  • Customer satisfaction through direct access to the management team

Quality Systems

Owing to the critical nature of our business, Naseer Electrical Enterprises pays great importance to its Quality Management. With structured quality audits for Design, Fabrication, Materials Procurement, Storage, Installation and Commissioning the audit is designed to cover problem identification, rectification and preventive maintenance.

We have an evaluated Standard Quality Audit being adopted for the individual Electrical Projects executed. It comprises a Quality Audit for Design, Fabrication, Manufacture of Equipment/Materials and Execution, Commissioning, Efficiency, problem free working and preventive maintenance.

We procure materials the brands of which are indicated in our contract documents directly from the manufacturer or through their authorized dealers. The quality is thoroughly checked and ensured. The test certificates are obtained from the manufacturer an passed on to our clients.

Equipments which need fabrication are normally sourced from ISO approved companies. The equipments are inspected at the manufacturing stage itself, the Test Certificates endorsed by our Engineers and the Architects /  Consultants are transported to the project site. Even before such equipments are installed our Project Engineers thoroughly checks the equipment with reference to the test certificate before installation.

As far as Erection and Installation audits are concerned, our Team of Engineers at the site ensure that the installation is done with the highest Quality and precision.

Our Testing & Commissioning Engineers would also periodically visit the project sites, checking up on the quality of the Erection/Installation along with the functioning of the Equipments/Materials.

On completion, our Testing and Commissioning Engineers with their years of experience in the field would conduct a Final Test and Inspection before Commissioning of the equipment. Documentation is made by preparing the testing and commissioning report. Further a third party audit is conducted by the Electrical Consultant on the completion of the project to ensure satisfaction and accuracy in installation.

Apart from these, the BESCOM and Chief Electrical Inspectorate attached to the Government of Karnataka would independently audit the installed system and ensure corrections, if any, are carried out and only then issue an order for service connections.